The Time is Now


It was a year ago when I realized that I wanted to create this blog.

I’ve always loved writing and I wanted to do something that would help and inspire people.  Then I realized that blogging about my passion and lessons, and be able to share it with others is something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That’s how big it is for me.

One thing I regret is, not starting this blog early on.

I mean, it’s never too late, but it should have been better if I acted upon this “calling” of mine, the very first moment I felt this.

Instead I succumbed to waiting… giving in to fear and the obsession of wanting to be perfect before doing any action.

I spent a year with planning, reading and agonizing about this goal. I just felt that time, I needed to be really good about blogging and writing before I can create one for myself. I just wanted to be prepared and perfect.

Then  I asked myself, when is really the right time?

The more I read the more I feel that I am not yet ready, and the more this project gets postponed!

Then one day, while reading something on the internet, I stumbled upon a quote that just struck me. It was from Karen Lamb, that says “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” That one was just so powerful that I paused for a few minutes to think and contemplate. I realized that I was just so stupid doing all these stuff, trying to be the best, but the answer is just simple… just act on it. Just do it.

Sometimes, we make our lives so complicated that we over-plan and over-analyze a lot of things, not realizing that  we just need to take action and learn along the way.

So I decided, the waiting is over. And I don’t care if the future might be uncertain.

So I set-up this blog and this is now my second post. It feels liberating. Sometimes, you just have to trust yourself, leave all your worries behind and go for it! No matter how many challenges on your way, just do your best. That’s the most important.

How many dreams were postponed? How many times have we sabotaged ourselves just because we think that we’re not yet ready, that we’re not yet good enough for this big goal that we have.

Well, I’m telling you this. Just let it go.

Let go all the worries and all those attempts to be perfect. All you have to do is just stand up and do it.

You’ll get nowhere by just planning. It takes action to be successful.

So if you have anything that you wanted to start, maybe it’s a simple goal, new habit, dream or a project, JUST DO IT.

Start with small steps. What’s important is through those little steps you’re getting closer to your goals. It’s better that way than to think and plan about it forever.  Now is the time to do it, and take that first step.

Do you have a goal, or a dream that you wanted to start but something is holding you back? Share your stories below. 




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