What The Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Will Remind Us About Life

Hope for MH370

I am one of them, those millions who are praying for Malaysia Airlines MH370.

It has been a week since the plane was reported missing after it took off from Kuala Lumpur bound to Beijing. Relatives of the 239 passengers and crew were just waiting at the Beijing airport for its arrival when they were informed that the flight was delayed. Then after a few hours,  a shocking and heart-breaking news came in… that the plane is nowhere to be found.

Just imagine the pain that the families of these passengers have been going through. That throbbing pain of knowing that as much as you want to do something, you are left with no choice but to wait.

Wait for that concrete updates that the airline company and even the government of Malaysia could not provide.

The trauma intensifies as rumors and speculations spread, that the plane was hijacked and crashed. There is still no confirmation as to what happened to the plane and its passengers.

Still, I remain positive about its fate. I always believe in human spirit. Until no confirmed unfortunate event happened, it is always good to hold on to your faith and keep praying.

As I think more often of the people inside that plane, I have come to ponder a lot of thinking and realizations about my life.

Imagine yourself as one of the passenger, with all your enthusiasm about the trip. Or you’re excited to go back to your home country and finally see your family and kids. The plane successfully took off and then you relaxed…you closed your eyes in an attempt to sleep and forget about the long flight.

Then something happened…


Life’s Uncertainty

The truth is, we do not know what life has in store for us.

None of us will ever have a chance to glimpse the future. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring. It may be a good one, or bad. It may be a time to stand-up and start, but it may also be the end. We just don’t know.

It’s this mystery that keeps us alive. This uncertainty that lets us feel fear, but also teaches us to believe and trust.

Acknowledging and making sense of this reality will give us a chance to be appreciative of life, to grab that opportunity to live a worthy, epic one. But sadly, not everyone realizes this.

For you who have been living in fear and mediocrity, and have been staying within your comfort zone for a long time. What would you do if you would know that this day is going to be your last chance? Would you still hold back?

Would you still be grumpy?

Life is just too short to be stressed and angry. Smile and spread some positivity. This is how it should be. Live life with no regrets.


Glimmer of Hope

In spite of the unfortunate speculations… there is still a glimpse of hope.

In life, it is easier to just give up whenever pain is unbearable, whenever something happened and you just don’t understand.

As George Weinberg once said, “Hope never abandons you, you abandon it. “ You may never understand the pain right now, but just keep pushing and maintain that hope in you.

The world may never understand why a huge plane such as MH370 would go on missing for days in this age of technological advancements, but still we will keep on praying.

And we will never abandon hope.





Photo Credit: halfrain, Creative Commons

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