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I am also as skeptical as you. I’ve been looking for that right online business for a long time, but I was scammed a number of times. I don’t get easily convinced by any online opportunity, I need to do my own research. So when I saw RU Affiliates on Facebook, I admit that I got intrigued. And it didn’t end there, I read and made my own research. I signed- up for the Free Access to RU Affiliates.

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RU AFFILIATES REVIEW: Legit way to earn online

Online business

  A few weeks ago, I saw a post on social media about RU Affiliates. I got intrigued and made an effort to study the system before even signing up. I watched videos and read everything that I need about the opportunity, and here’s what I’ve learned.   What is RU Affiliates? RU Affiliates is an online business opportunity, that is patterned with the system of affiliate marketing. Being a blogger myself, I am in a way aware of affiliate marketing and even tried some of it on my other blogs. The concept is you’re going to promote an opportunity or a business using your specialized affiliate link that if …

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What The Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Will Remind Us About Life

Hope for MH370

I am one of the millions who are praying for Malaysia Airline MH370.

It has been a week since the plane was reported missing after it took off from Kuala Lumphur bound to Beijing. Relatives of the 239 passengers and crew, including two infants, were just waiting at the Beijing airport for its arrival when they were informed that the flight was delayed. Then after a few hours, a shocking and heart-breaking news came in… that the plane is nowhere to be found.

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The Time is Now


It was a year ago when I realized that I wanted to create this blog.

I’ve always loved writing and I wanted to do something that would help and inspire people. Then I realized that blogging about my passion and lessons, and be able to share it with others is something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That’s how big it is for me.

One thing I regret is, not starting this blog early on.

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